Interact with your listeners and grow your community!

Your listeners also have their say 🙂

Each episode is accompanied by a synchronised discussion thread.
Your listeners’ reactions, questions and messages appear dynamically while listening to an episode, at the second they are posted.

As a podcaster, your messages are highlighted in your channel’s chats.
Tumult is available on your browser, desktop or smartphone.


Tumult is all yours

Our ambition is to create the best tool to bring your listeners together and bring your podcast to life. You decide to integrate your podcast into Tumult, we are for an open podcasting world! Tumult doesn’t deprive you of your monetisation resources such as advertising. What’s more, we take your comments and suggestions into account to build Tumult with you.

Two ways to add your podcast

Tumult is not a podcast host. You must have an RSS feed to integrate your podcast. A few clicks and it’s done! We update your channel once a day.
Is your email specified in your RSS feed?
Search for “itunes:email” in your RSS feed page. Is this an email address you have access to? If you don’t understand this question, go to the at the bottom of the page..

CASE n°1


It’s fabulous: sign up in 3 clicks using the email that is in your feed. You will receive a validation email. Don’t forget to check all the folders in your mailbox (spam, promotions, notifications…).

CASE n°2


Don’t panic, it is not that bad 😉 Whether you already have an account or not, fill in the following form and you will be able to add your podcast to Tumult veeeery quickly.

Soon a mobile app and more features

Tumult is in progress

Tumult is available on desktop and mobile. Soon:
  • The first version of our mobile app,
  • A lot of interactive features,
  • a crowdfunding system.
Add your podcast to the catalogue, let us know any feedback or suggestions (here), and we will keep you informed of progress! 😊

Your contact at Tumult

Emmanuelle Champy

Email : emmanuelle@tumult-podcast.com
Phone :06 25 34 88 35

Podcaster's Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions by podcasters. Some more generic questions are answered here: FAQ Tumult.
Questions about Tumult
Thank you for asking! We are currently working on the first version of our mobile app. Create an account on Tumult today, and we’ll let you know when it’s released. We will ask all registered podcasters before starting the development of the app. The goal is to create the best tool for you, and therefore with you!
Adding a podcast is free, so is listening to podcasts and interacting in threads.
In the near future, Tumult will integrate a crowdfunding system. By upgrading to the premium version, your listeners will support you and enjoy more features. We’ll tell you more soon!
It’s really nice of you, thanks! This email address is just for you podcasteur@tumult-podcast.com. This anonymous form is too. If you have some time to give us, please make an appointment with Emmanuelle whose contact details are on this page. Thank you!
We accept your username if it complies with the following rules: :
  • Between 3 and 25 characters
  • Only numbers and letters
  • No space, but you can use _
  • No special characters
By adding your RSS Feed, you trigger the sending of a validation email.
Please check your spam and all your mailbox folders (Notifications, Promotions, etc…).
Solution: If you can’t access this email address, contact-us to get a validation link.
Some explanation: By default, the email is automatically sent to the address included in your RSS feed. We take these precautions to ensure that no one else adds your podcast for you, or speaks on your behalf on Tumult.
Questions about your channel, your podcasts
The RSS feeds are refreshed by us once a day. You can refresh your podcast whenever you want from “My Channel” by clicking on “Refresh my RSS Feed”.
At the moment this is not possible. We will take back the thumbnail that you have uploaded in your RSS feed.
We retrieve all these elements from your RSS feed. You can modify them at your host only. Once modified, refresh your feed from “My Channel” by clicking on “Refresh my RSS feed”.
Questions about how RSS feeds work
An RSS feed is a file accessible from an internet address. It contains all the information of the podcast (description, image, category…) and the audio files (.mp3). There are several solutions to obtain a RSS feed. The simplest is to host your podcast on a specialised website. RSS feeds are updated as you modify your podcast or add content to it.
At Tumult, we update your feed once a day, but you can also update it from your channel when necessary.
Open the site that hosts your podcast, and search in the settings or broadcast page. Go to the settings page on your host’s website. You will normally find your RSS feed.

Contact us at podcasteur@tumult-podcast.com. We will answer you at lightning speed! ✍