Here are the questions we are most often asked, and their answers of course
Questions about Tumult
Thank you for asking! We are currently working on the first version of our mobile app. Create an account on Tumult today, and we’ll let you know when it’s released.
It’s really nice of you, thanks! this anonymous form you can fill to tell us anything that comes to mind. We are also available at
Questions about the podcasts catalogue
Unlike many podcast platforms, the podcasters themselves decide to join Tumult. They are the ones who create an account and add their shows, so that you can interact while listening. The catalogue is constantly growing! Follow Tumult on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest podcasts added.
It’s a pity, but not definitive! Don’t hesitate to contact its creator to encourage him to add his podcast to the catalogue.
With great pleasure! Welcome home 🙂 If you already have a Tumult account, you can simply add it on your Channel. If this is not clear, please follow this link: Tumult for podcasters. 
Questions about the chat rooms
Each episode has a dedicated thread. If you’re familiar with Soundcloud, well, it’s pretty much the same principle. When you post a message in a thread, it will be recorded to the exact second of the episode. When someone else listens to that episode, your message will appear in the chat at the second you posted it.
Yes, and that’s very nice of you. Please send us the link to the episode in question, and if possible the time when the message appears. Here’s our email:
Spotted! The colour of the nickname depends on the status of each user:
  • The podcaster ‘s name is in yellow on his/her own show
  • The usernames of the followers of the podcast are inred
  • Everyone else’s nicknames are in grey.
  • The pseudo of a podcaster, outside his broadcast, is associated with a badge.
Questions about registration
We accept your username if it complies with the following rules:
  • Between 3 and 25 characters
  • Only numbers and letters
  • No space, but you can use _
  • No special characters

Have a look at the Podcasters’ FAQ , or send us an email at We will answer you as soon as possible.